Programs for couples




"Adam and Eve"
1 hour
2000 UAH.
"Yin - Yan"
1 hour 15 min.
2200 UAH.

With the fast pace of today's life, constantly busy with their own problems and chores, we often do not notice, between the halves of the relationship begins to gradually turn into a routine of being.

Frequent conflicts and misunderstandings on the background of chronic fatigue, turn family life into something, in type – “That is how it should be”.

We forget that from time, when we started this path of family relationships. How sweet it was. Heady moments of happiness takes us somewhere very far away, in the world of real emotions and tender feelings.

But every difficult day, every ridiculous situation, loving people like whether – then drifting apart. And instead of, what would understand themselves, make any changes in the personal life they are simply looking for an easy way to solve the problem – They accuse each other. And often these scandals do not end in the best way.

massage for couples
A relaxing massage for two.

Our salon erotic massage Relax in the center of Kiev in the first place sets its atmosphere of romance. Visiting us you will understand, that in order to preserve its former passion in a relationship, You do not need to look for another, or the other side. You just need to understand ourselves, to be alone. Just relax together.

And this is, that offers to get the best erotic massage salon Relax. If you order the erotic massage for couples, again you will plunge into the world of passion and unforgettable emotions.