Program for Ladies




"ladies bliss"
"1 hour"
"1500 UAH."
"2 hours"
"2200 UAH."
for ladies
Erotic massage for women - it's not just a massage, and the knowledge of his body, sensitive points, and the restoration of women's sexual energy. Body massage for girls will help you become more relaxed, love yourself, as well as to know the real pleasure.
Every girl wants to be in the hands of a strong and muscular youths. After all, so nice to feel wanted and filled with energy Spine. Our masseurs, will be able to give pleasure to his touch, even the most demanding of the fairer sex.
Your session erotic body massage begins with a pleasant water procedures, and classical body massage, Well, after ... you will have to wait for an explosion of emotions, vivid sensation, where each cell of the body to be filled with the power of, and you will reach the incredible pleasure.
The woman is a strong conductor of vital energy. Because of nerves, stress and hassle of everyday, it may lose some of this power and feel not so satisfied. Cope with the stagnation of energy, as well as its renewal will help erotic body massage for girls.
The «Relax» salon you can achieve nirvana, feeling on your body soft and warm touching girls- masseuse, or the strong but pleasant touch boys-hand massage.

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